The Macallan Sienna Whisky Review

The Macallan Sienna Whisky Review

I’ve recently had the pleasure of enjoying The Macallan Sienna an offering from their 1824 line up.  Here I’ll let you know how it tasted, but first to satisfy my curiosity I had to do a little research on the brand.


Brief History

A long time ago, 1824 to be exact, a school Teacher and barley Farmer in Scotland founded The Macallan distillery.  His name was Alexander Reid.  Things were much different then, for example whisky would be made and drunk new.  That’s right, no aging.  Their website describes “Six Pillars” to which they attribute the ‘fame and character’ of their single malt whisky.  The pillars are: Spiritual Home, Curiously Small Stills, Finest Cut, Exceptional Oak Casks, Natural Colour, and The Macallan itself.  I’ll talk about the two that interested me the most, Finest Cut and Exceptional Oak Casks.


   Finest Cut

I found it interesting that they only use 16% of all the spirit that’s collected in their stills which eventually goes into barrels to age and become The Macallan.  They aptly coin this ‘the heart of the run’.  They attribute the full-bodied richness of their whisky to this.


The-Macallan-Barrel   Exceptional Oak Casks

This company firmly believes that the most profound contributor to the quality, natural colour, flavours and aromas of their product stems from the quality of their maturation casks.  As such they claim to spend the most money in the industry towards the selection and crafting of their casks.  They use at least three types of oak vessels:  American oak bourbon barrels, Spanish and American oak sherry casks.

The 1824 Series

This series uses all natural colours and are matured in Sherry Oak casks.  Each offering, with the exception of the “Rare Cask” and “Reflexion”, is named after its colour – Gold, Amber, Sienna, and Ruby.  Something you’ll find peculiar is that these single malts do not display their age.  This has been the topic of much discussion from whisky aficionados through user reviews on some sites.  While deciding whether to purchase this bottle or not, I stood in front of the whisky rack on my phone looking up all sorts of reviews.  Two camps appeared, the aforementioned aficionados which disliked the fact that the age was not given, and the rest who did not care about the label but instead cared about how it tasted.  I’m with the latter, and at the end of the day if I like what I’m tasting I’ll continue to buy it and likely look at other offerings from their company, regardless of what the label says.

The Tasting

Previous to this, the first Macallan bottle I bought was the Amber.  This introduced me to the brand and made me want to try more from this line.  The Macallan Sienna tasted more refined than the Amber.  It was delightfully oaky with a creamy taste.  Very little bite at the end.  The aroma was pleasant and a sweet vanilla smell reigned king.  It was slightly sweet and the taste of vanilla was apparent after the second sip.  The Macallan Sienna retails for about $133 USD which is a price point commensurate of its caliber.

Final Thoughts

I’d recommend The Macallan Sienna to anyone who wants to try a creamy and oaky whisky.  It will be a great addition to your cabinet.

Have you had a chance to try The Macallan Sienna?  Tell us about what you thought?  What do you think about displaying ages on whiskies, do you care about the label?

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