Unlocking the Nokia 635 Cell By Yourself

Unlocking the Nokia 635 cell phone


You’re bound to have to unlock a phone at least once in your lifetime.  This can be daunting unless you have the know how or you read this post.  I’ll show you how I went about unlocking the Nokia 635 without any previous experience.  It’s not as hard as you think.


Background and motivation

I wanted to upgrade my father’s cell phone from an old flip phone (yes, he was using this archaic technology) to a nice and shinny Nokia 635.  I knew it was time for an upgrade when I started receiving texts from him.  Do you remember trying to send a long text using a flip phone?  Some may remember this pain, quad-clicking some numbers to get the right letter one at a time.  It’s not in my nature to be cruel so I told him I’d help him out.  Now, he’s currently with Koodoo, and the Nokia 635 was with Rogers Canada.  A quick call to Koodoo revealed that I had to get the phone unlocked by the original carrier.  I went to the Rogers website and it said it would cost $50 + tax.  So the cost wasn’t that bad, but there was a problem.  The phone was a gift to him and as such I would not meet the requirements.  Without bothering the person who gave him the phone, I had two remaining choices:  unlocking the Nokia by using a local private unlocking service, or to learn how to do it myself.  The cost to do it locally was about the same as Rogers, but it was in a questionable part of town of which I would have to drive cross-town to access.  Not a fan of that choice, so by process of elimination I chose to do it myself.



  • Internet connection
  • Email account
  • Credit card or a PayPal account
  • New Sim Card from your new carrier
  • Fully charged Nokia 635 cell phone


  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Go to www.unlockriver.com and start to fill out their form on their home page from top to bottom and get to where it requests the IMEI code.  At this point the Unlockriver form should display the cost to unlock your phone and an estimated delivery date at the bottom.Unlocking-Nokia-Cell-2
  3. Take your phone, go to your dial pad and type in *#06# and the IMEI code will appear, type this into the form from Step 2Unlocking-Nokia-Cell-3
  4. Enter your email address on the form and click ‘unlock now’.  You will be taken to the check-out page.
  5. Choose your method of payment and complete the transaction.
  6. Unlockriver.com will then email you the unlock code within your estimated delivery time.  Print it or pull it up on your computer screen for the next part.
  7. If you have your phone on by the time you receive the unlock code, turn it off to proceed
  8. Remove the back cover by carefully peeling the top of the back case at the top while applying pressure just under the camera hole.  It should come off rather easily.C/O Microsoft Corp.
  9. Remove the battery by carefully pulling it from the top and away from the phone pivoting on the battery power connector.  This will expose the old SIM card if it exists.C/O Microsoft Corp.
  10. If the old SIM card is present, remove it by pushing it inboard from the outside with your nail then pulling inboard with your index and thumb.  Be patient this is the most delicate part, don’t use any tools as they may damage connectors.C/O Microsoft Corp.
  11. Insert the new SIM card from the new carrier by doing the reverse of Step 10.  Ensure you install the new SIM card with the contacts facing down and towards the phone.  Make sure it is securely seated before proceeding.
  12. Install the battery by doing the reverse of Step 9.
  13. Install the back cover by first lining up the USB connector at the bottom then pivoting on it as you swing the case towards the phone by applying pressure above the camera hole.
  14. Turn on your phone
  15. It’ll prompt you to enter an unlock code, enter the unlock code you received, press enter on the right of the entry box and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

Fifteen steps, I know, you think it’s too long.  Trust me, it’s not bad, I just wanted to cover all bases.  Unlocking the Nokia 635 was truly simple and the best part about doing this once is that you now know how to do it for any other phone in the future.  Something to keep in mind, up to the point of writing this how-to, Unlockriver.com was offering on certain phone models, 50-100% discount of your unlocking fee if you create a how-to youtube video!  So now imagine learning how to do this, and getting it for free!

Was this helpful?  Did you take the plunge and tried this yourself?  Tell me about it below!
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