Luksusowa Vodka Review

Luksusowa Vodka Review

I’ll be honest, while I appreciate all libations of the alcoholic variety, I’m not big on Vodka.  Which is exactly why I wanted to expand my palette and delve into this classic drink.  Think of it as a Vodka review from the perspective of a Vodka newbie.  I always want to make sure I do some background research on the brand the first time I write about it, so here’s what I found for the Luksusowa Vodka.


Brief History

Oh my, was I ever pleasantly surprised after visiting their website.  It is one of the wittiest sites I’ve ever come across, hilarious, yet tasteful (pun intended)!  While their product is on the forefront, the site is laid out as “The Man’s Guide to Manliness”, I love it.  And it is filled with “Manly Tips”, thirty-three of them to be exact.  I found a little doodle of their entire history since 1928, it was just below tip # 26.  According to their site Luksusowa Vodka has always been made in Poland and as of 2000 they are exclusively produced in Zielona Góra, a city in Poland.  They’ve won many accolades throughout the years , as of 2011 they have accumulated 42 medals and awards.


Distillation Process

The Vodka is made out of potatoes which is not uncommon for vodkas.  Luksusowa Vodka Tip # 19, “How to drink a potato” cleverly depicts their distillation process in layman’s terms (seen above).

The Tasting

Vodka as I’ve come to find out is traditionally drank neat which is just fine with me.  After pouring a single shot into a glass, I let it sit for a moment before nosing it.  When nosing the Luksusowa Vodka a sweet aroma is emitted from the drink.  It is a bit difficult to smell anything else as it’s definitely a ‘manly’ drink and as such the alcohol smell is certainly evident even after the second and third inhaling.  The first sip tasted sweet and surprisingly smooth, but be prepared as the bite that follows afterwards which nicely reminded me that it was a vodka.

Final Thoughts

It has been years since I had tasted vodka and this was a nice welcoming party.  The vodka was nice and sweet which I would recommend to drink neat in place of a dessert.  At a budget-friendly $12.78 USD for 750 mL it is a steal and worth every penny.  While I enjoy drinking it neat, I also tried it mixed and it worked very well.  Their website is also worth a quick gander if you have the time and want a laugh or two.


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