The Foundry Pub

The Foundry Pub Review

I was on a food tour in Windsor, Ontario recently upon which we visited three eateries.  One stood out, The Foundry Pub.  It had several elements that worked.

The Venue

The atmosphere walking in was pleasant.  We were coming in at night and the lighting was adequate so that you could see where you were going but you were not blinded by bright lights. As you walked in they had their industrial-looking Foundry Pub sign near the entrance inside.  There was a nice plush seating area on the right and as you continued walking in we found the standard bar stools and tables on the center of the room.  On the far left of the room was a nice bar.  The stools, tables, bar and even some of the walls were wood for that nice pub feel.


The Food

Our first visit to the Foundry Pub was as part of the tour in which they tried to showcase the different foods of each pub or restaurant.  As such the Foundry Pub had a sampler tray for each guest.  This tray consisted of bite-size portions of some of their main plates.  My tray had two types of pastas and sandwiches.  Looking back at their menu, I could not find the pastas anywhere, they must have been made for this event only as sides.  The main entrees were the “The Big Cheese” and “The Reuben Studdard”.  The Reuben Studdard consisted of 6oz of Montreal smoked meat with sauerkraut, honey mustard, and swiss cheese all on thick cut marble rye – delicious.  But the real treat of the night was “The Big Cheese”.  Maybe it’s because I’m partial to cheese, but this sandwich was delectable!  It was a grilled cheese triple-decker with Mozzarella, swiss, provolone cheese and a garlic aioli which was do die for.  This cheesy goodness came on three pieces of white vienna loaf.


The Drinks

In reviewing the Foundry Pub’s menu you can tell they’re dedicated to bringing you great libations when two of the three menu pages are drinks.  Scrolling down to the spirits I spotted a little typo.  While I would love it to be two different sections for Scotch, the listing closer to the bottom should have read “Vodka” as Grey Goose and other vodkas were found there.  Reading the true Scotch section I found The Macallan Gold and quickly ordered it.


Final Thoughts

Finding The Foundry Pub on a food tour was perfect.  This was a nice hidden gem right in the middle of downtown Windsor.  By this I mean that there are so many different offerings downtown that it’s hard to find one that works for you.  It is located on the main strip at 459 Ouellette Avenue.  All five of us found this pub worthy enough to come back, and we did.  Right after the tour was over we headed back to The Foundry Pub to enjoy the rest of our night.  This time I ordered The Big Cheese all by itself and it was awesome.   If you want a new place to hang out with your friends or if you’re passing through and want a nice sandwich and beer, try out The Foundry Pub, you won’t be disappointed.


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