Paris in a day

Paris in a day

About this time last year I was going to travel to Europe for work and I was going to be near Paris.  Naturally I jumped at the chance to see this iconic city.  I also knew I would have limited time available and could not stay longer than the weekend.  So, I prepared to do Paris in a day!



This was going to be a challenge.  The old carpenter’s adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’ sure was appropriate in this scenario.  I only had a weekend, minus about one day of travel which gave me one full day to pack as much of Paris as I could.  Pre-planning was going to be key.  To compound this bravery this was also my first time in Europe, I didn’t know much French, and I was going alone.  I was realistic and knew that I wasn’t going to get the full experience from each attraction.  Having this in mind while planning made things easier to manage.  Browsing the net for help on putting my ‘Paris in a day’ itinerary together I came across a nice tool on a site called .  This site had customizable itineraries based on your length of trip, sites, and activities – just what I was looking for! read more

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