Unlocking the Nokia 635 Cell By Yourself

Unlocking the Nokia 635 cell phone

You’re bound to have to unlock a phone at least once in your lifetime.  This can be daunting unless you have the know how or you read this post.  I’ll show you how I went about unlocking the Nokia 635 without any previous experience.  It’s not as hard as you think.

Background and motivation

I wanted to upgrade my father’s cell phone from an old flip phone (yes, he was using this archaic technology) to a nice and shinny Nokia 635.  I knew it was time for an upgrade when I started receiving texts from him.  Do you remember trying to send a long text using a flip phone?  Some may remember this pain, quad-clicking some numbers to get the right letter one at a time.  It’s not in my nature to be cruel so I told him I’d help him out.  Now, he’s currently with Koodoo, and the Nokia 635 was with Rogers Canada.  A quick call to Koodoo revealed that I had to get the phone unlocked by the original carrier.  I went to the Rogers website and it said it would cost $50 + tax.  So the cost wasn’t that bad, but there was a problem.  The phone was a gift to him and as such I would not meet the requirements.  Without bothering the person who gave him the phone, I had two remaining choices:  unlocking the Nokia by using a local private unlocking service, or to learn how to do it myself.  The cost to do it locally was about the same as Rogers, but it was in a questionable part of town of which I would have to drive cross-town to access.  Not a fan of that choice, so by process of elimination I chose to do it myself. read more

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