Angus The Bull red wine review

Angus The Bull red wine review

Ever since some of my friends introduced me to Australian wine I’ve been inclined to buy wine from that region.  The big fruit taste as well as the higher potency lured me and has kept my attention.  In the ever onward search for great value in a table wine I was acquainted with Angus The Bull.


Brief History

Do a search for “Angus The Bull” on Google and you’ll be greeted with a concise website with strong brand appeal.  The horned ‘g’ is the most memorable part.  It appears in the name and is also displayed prominently on the twist-cap in bright red-on-black.  The Winemaker responsible for this red is Hamish MacGowan.  His site explains that the concept of Angus The Bull was very simple but in its simplicity became an obsession that needed to be sated.  In 2003 he established the Aberdeen Wine Company to turn his idea into reality. read more

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