The Macallan Sienna Whisky Review

The Macallan Sienna Whisky Review

I’ve recently had the pleasure of enjoying The Macallan Sienna an offering from their 1824 line up.  Here I’ll let you know how it tasted, but first to satisfy my curiosity I had to do a little research on the brand.


Brief History

A long time ago, 1824 to be exact, a school Teacher and barley Farmer in Scotland founded The Macallan distillery.  His name was Alexander Reid.  Things were much different then, for example whisky would be made and drunk new.  That’s right, no aging.  Their website describes “Six Pillars” to which they attribute the ‘fame and character’ of their single malt whisky.  The pillars are: Spiritual Home, Curiously Small Stills, Finest Cut, Exceptional Oak Casks, Natural Colour, and The Macallan itself.  I’ll talk about the two that interested me the most, Finest Cut and Exceptional Oak Casks. read more

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